The Saga of the Palace

A Palace dedicated to Gingerbread: a dream come true that conveys the passion that has made the reputation of the Fortwenger firm for over 200 years.

For the Risches, the love of good Gingerbread is a family story, and the success of the Fortwenger firm is a mission that has involved every member of the family for 2 generations.
As the capital of Alsatian Gingerbread and home of Fortwenger, the village of Gertwiller was the perfect place to launch a visitor centre entirely dedicated to Gingerbread.

The "Mannele" guides visitors through this fun, interactive space: who better than this little character made of Gingerbread to symbolise all the aspects of the product? He also features in a very popular English fairy tale under the name of the "Gingerbread Man" and even makes an appearance in Shrek!

This little character is also well known in Alsace, where we make brioche versions of him for St Nicolas's Day.

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